Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Late to the Game, Looking for Suggestions

I stumbled onto something called "cupcake hero" today as I was exploring various food blogs. Apparently Quirky Cupcake hosts a monthly challenge where each participant has to bake a cupcake using that month's theme ingredient. The current theme ingredient is cocoa powder. Unfortunately, entries are due by May 30th, which doesn't give me a lot of time to come up with and execute ideas, especially since I can only bake over the weekends. Here are the ideas I am throwing around so far (in the last ten minutes), but I would love some input from anyone who stops by and has suggestions.

Ideas so far

Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes: A moist chocolate cupcake with lots of cinnamon and vanilla, topped with a chocolate chili ganache. I've made these before, but not since starting the site.

Chocolate Souffle Cupcakes: Much more experimental. I've made chocolate souffle before, but have no idea how it would come out in a cupcake cup. If these turned out they could be delicious. If they failed, they could make a really large mess...

Any and all thoughts are welcome!

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