Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inaugural Post

If I’m starting a food blog, I figure I should start by telling my theoretical readers a little bit about myself, at least when it comes to cooking. Here are the basics:

I’m currently a law student at the University of Virginia. As a student it sometimes means that I cut corners with regard to ingredients. I use quality stuff when I can, but it’s not exactly an ideal world.

Butter, butter, and only butter. I was raised in the same style as my mother, and for us margarine simply won’t do. Baking and cooking with butter just makes things taste better. It does sometimes mean more fat, and so maybe it means baking a little less (or just making sure to feed whatever you make to other people), but it’s worth it when it comes to flavor. I have no problem replacing heavy cream with half and half, or higher fat milk with lower fat milk, or cutting the amount of butter down in a recipe, but I’ll never replace it. Along a similar line, no cake mixes, not now, not ever. The same goes for canned frosting, it tastes good, but I just prefer to make my own.

Despite the title (and the first post) this blog is not devoted exclusively to cupcakes. Mostly I liked the name.

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